U SPORTS Championships: Brock dominates mats after day 1

Photo by U SPORTS
Photo by U SPORTS

SAULT STE. MARIE, Ont. (U SPORTS) – The Brock Badgers are poised to earn their fifth consecutive national title after Day 1 of competition at the 2018 U SPORTS Wrestling Championships.

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Both the men’s and women’s Badgers stand on top of the leader board with a combined total of 138 points.

Going into the second day of competition Saturday at the George Leach Centre, Brock has the potential of earning 18 medals, including an impressive 15 gold.

In second for the women and third for the men are the Alberta Golden Bears and Pandas – who swept the Canada West competition earlier in February – with a combined total of 75 points.

Among those going for gold, include Alberta’s Jordan Wong and Samantha Romano of the Badgers, the Canada West and OUA Rookies of the Year, respectively.

For host Algoma, the Thunderbirds look to earn their second U SPORTS medal since joining the conference in 2013. Bryce Davis will go for bronze in the men’s 68-kilogram weight class, in Algoma and Sault Ste. Marie’s first-ever hosting of a U SPORTS championship.

Day 2 begins on Saturday, Feb. 24 at 11:00 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. PT. Medal matches begin at 12 noon ET / 9 a.m. PT with bronze medal hopefuls first, followed by gold medal matches at 2:00 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT.  

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  1. Brock Badgers – 77 points
  2. Concordia Stingers – 50 points
  3. Alberta Golden Bears – 43 points
  4. Guelph Gryphons – 34 points
  5. Saskatchewan Huskies – 28 points
  6. Fraser Valley Cascades – 27 points
  7. Regina Cougars – 26 points
  8. McMaster Marauders – 25 points
  9. Calgary Dinos – 20 points
  10. Lakehead Thunderwolves – 16 points


  1. Brock Badgers – 61 points
  2. Alberta Pandas – 32 points
  3. Calgary Dinos – 26 points
  4. Concordia Stingers – 25 points
  5. Saskatchewan Huskies – 21 points
  6. Regina Cougars – 20 points
  7. Lakehead Thunderwolves – 16 points
  8. Fraser Valley Cascades – 16 points
  9. Guelph Gryphons – 15 points
  10. York Lions – 11 points



54 kg – Jordan Wong (Alberta Golden Bears) vs Parker McBride (Fraser Valley Cascades)
57 kg – Melvin Arciaga (Alberta Golden Bears) vs Sam Jagas (Brock Badgers)
61 kg – Josh Bordnarchuk (Saskatchewan Huskies) vs Ligrit Sadiku (Brock Badgers)
65 kg – Lucas Hoffert (Regina Cougars) vs Vincent DeMarinis (Concordia Stingers)
68 kg – Francis Carter (Concordia Stingers) vs Matt Jagas (Brock Badgers)
72 kg – Alexander Chaves (Guelph Gryphons) vs Cruiz Manning (Brock Badgers)
76 kg – Aiden McKeage (Alberta Golden Bears) vs Tyler Rowe (Brock Badgers)
82 kg – Nicholas Goleniec (Alberta Golden Bears) vs Ty Bridgewater (Brock Badgers)
90 kg – Jacob Luczak (Lakehead Thunderwolves) vs Clayton Pye (Brock Badgers)
100 kg – Waylon Decoteau (Regina Cougars) vs Jordie Steen (Concordia Stingers)
120 kg – Brad Hildenbrandt (Fraser Valley Cascades) vs Richard DesChatelets (Brock Badgers)

54 kg – Kieran Akhtar (Saskatchewan Huskies) vs Vidran Thanarajah (McMcaster Marauders)
57 kg – Marco Palmero (Lakehead Thunderwolves) vs Oren Fumanov (Guelph Gryphons)
61 kg – Elvir Uzunovic (Guelph Gryphons) vs Jacob Torres (Fraser Valley Cascades)
65 kg – Brendan McKeage (Calgary Dinos) vs Mizam Tamaradze (Brock Badgers)
68 kg – Bryce Davis (Algoma Thunderbirds) vs Gurpreet Ghuman (McMaster Marauders)
72 kg – Callum McNeice (Calgary Dinos) vs Guseyn Ruslanzada (Concordia Stingers)
76 kg – Ben Zahra (McMaster Marauders) vs Brayden Ambo (Western Mustangs)
82 kg – Daniel Humphrey (Guelph Gryphons) vs Samuel Barmish (Concordia Stingers)
90 kg – Alex Moore (Concordia Stingers) vs Hunter Lee (Saskatchewan Huskies)
100 kg – Ignatius Pitt (Brock Badgers) vs Job Reinhart (Guelph Gryphons)
120 kg – Frederick Choquette (Concordia Stingers) vs Jordan Tholl (Regina Cougars)


48 kg – Alex Schell (Saskatchewan Huskies) vs Samantha Romano (Brock Badgers)
51 kg – Jessica Bershatsky (Lakehead Thunderwolves) vs Kristina McLaren (Brock Badgers)
55 kg – Karla Godinez (Fraser Valley Cascades) vs Emily Shaefer (Brock Badgers)
59 kg – Alexandria Town (York Lions) vs Hannah Taylor (Brock Badgers)
63 kg – Ana Godinez (Fraser Valley Cascades) vs Jessica Brouillette (Brock Badgers)
67 kg – Temitope Ogunjimi (Calgary Dinos) vs Indira Moores (Brock Badgers)
72 kg – Brandy Perry (Alberta Pandas) vs Skylar Grote (Brock Badgers)
82 kg – Erin Geddie (Calgary Dinos) vs Gracelynn Doogan (Guelph Gryphons)

48 kg – Caileen Corbett (Alberta Pandars) vs Cassandra Rufenach (McMaster Marauders)
51 kg – Grace Chambers (Calgary Dinos) vs Jade Dufour (Concordia Stingers)
55 kg – Chelsey Sicard (Guelph Gryphons) vs Laryssa Barry (Saskatchewan Huskies)
59 kg – Krystin Paquette (Alberta Pandas) vs Laurence Beauregard (Concordia Stingers)
63 kg – Cristina Corecencova (Concordia Stingers) vs Haley Heffel (Alberta Pandas)
67 kg – Jasmine Thebeau (UNB Varsity Reds) vs Amanda Savard (Concordia Stingers)
72 kg – Sydney Summach (Calgary Dinos) vs Inga Hammer (Regina Cougars)
82 kg – Darrion Sterling (Brock Badgers) vs Jessica Rabet (Regina Cougars)