Former Lancer Korissa Williams shares her journey from varsity basketball to police officer

Former Lancer Korissa Williams shares her journey from varsity basketball to police officer

Written by Constable Korissa Williams, Peel Regional Police

This is my story of how and why I became a Police Officer.

I grew up in a small town called Amherstburg and graduated from the University of Windsor with an Honors Business Degree. During my studies, I played both varsity basketball and for Team Canada at a very competitive level.

While I was playing overseas, a fellow teammate mentioned to me that she was applying to become a police officer. I had not considered this career, especially since I didn’t know of many officers or athletes that had made that transition, but the seed was planted.

I began researching and reaching out to some officers at my community gym and became very interested in the dynamics of the job. Not only do I love being involved in the community, but I also love being a person of positive influence.

I’d been a captain for both my university team and the Canadian team, so I understood the importance of leading by example and being held to a higher standard. In sports, you know people are always watching you and kids look up to you; it’s your job to do your best even when no one is watching.

Throughout my sports career, I learned many skills that I use in everyday life that are forever ingrained in my character: accountability, leadership, time-management, communication, and the importance of being a team player. As a leader, I developed the ability to truly understand that not everyone can be treated or spoken to the same way. A leader has the ability to adjust their approach to match the situation and the people around them.

Having always wanted to live in the Greater Toronto Area, being hired by Peel Regional Police was a dream come true. Working with this great organization and the community it serves has allowed me to grow and flourish as a person. As I continue to engage with the people of Peel Region, my career in policing has shown me time and time again that we are here to support each other, always working as a team to keep our community safe.

This is a tremendous job, I love that no two days are alike.

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