Banner Season: Varsity Blues leave OUA records in their wake on day two

Photo by Stephen Leithwood
Photo by Stephen Leithwood

St. Catharines, Ont. – The University of Toronto Varsity Blues left two shattered records in their wake during Day 2 of the OUA Swimming Championships at Brock University on Friday.

Toronto holds a commanding lead in both the women’s (818 points) and men’s (690.5 points) standings.

McMaster (353) and Western (345) sit second and third, respectively. In the men’s, Western (373) is second while Waterloo (364) is on their tail.

Blues rookie swimmer Rebecca Smith edged the OUA women’s 50-metre butterfly record by one millisecond in a time of 26 seconds and 77 milliseconds.

Hannah Genich won her third 200m butterfly title in as many years by surpassing her own OUA record in a time of 2:10.25.

2016 Olympic bronze medalist Kylie Masse of Toronto recorded a major grand slam by capturing her fifth career gold medal in the 100-metre backstroke in a time of 56:72 seconds.

Masse also recorded a second consecutive gold medal in the 50m freestyle in 25.06 seconds.

Toronto’s fifth-year veteran Victoria Radounski won her first career 400 freestyle gold medal, touching the wall in 4:17.47, just over a second ahead of teammate Sophia Saroukian (4:18.80).

After winning the 100-metre event on Day 1, fifth-year veteran Varsity Blues swimmer Matt Dans claimed the 50m butterfly gold medal in 25.33 seconds.

Mathew Mac also claimed his second individual gold medal of the meet, winning the 100m backstroke in 55.26 seconds.

Fourth-year veteran Osvald Nitski won his first career 200m butterfly title in 2:00.06.

Western’s senior swimmer, Matthew Loewen, captured the men’s 200m breaststroke (2:15.61) and third-year Mustangs swimmer Sebastian Paulins edged out McMaster’s Mitch Muizelaar by 48 milliseconds to win gold in the men’s 400m freestyle.

Jasmine Raines of Laurier dominated the women’s 200m breaststroke (2:30.63) and Matthew Schouten of Laurentian won the men’s 50m freestyle (22.59).

The final day of the OUA Swimming Championships at Brock University includes three sessions beginning with preliminaries on Saturday, Feb. 9 at 10 a.m., a pair of races at 2:45 p.m. and finals at 5 p.m.



1. Toronto (818)                                            

2. McMaster (353)                                        

3. Western (345)                                           

4. Waterloo (268)                                          

5. Guelph (207)                               

6. Laurentian (165)                                       

7. Queens (114)                              

8. Laurier (107)                               

9. Brock (87)                                    

10. Carleton (45)                                           

11. York (12)                                    



1. Toronto (690.5)                                         

2. Western (373)                                           

3. Waterloo (364)                                          

4. McMaster (209)                                        

5. Guelph (188)                               

6. Queens (174)                              

7. Laurentian (165.5)                                    

8. Laurier (106)                               

9. Brock (104)                                  

10. Carleton (93)                                           

11. York (18)                                   


Women 400m Free                                      

Gold: Victoria Radounski (UofT): 4:17.47                             

Silver:Sohpia Saroukian (UofT): 4:18.80                                

Bronze: Isabelle Lei (McMaster): 4:23.39                                            


Men 400m Free                              

Gold: Sebastian Paulins (Western): 3:55.66                                        

Silver: Mitch Muizelaar (McMaster): 3:56.14                                     

Bronze: Gokhan Bozyigit (Brock): 3:57.55                                           


Women 50m Fly                                           

Gold: Rebecca Smith (UofT): 26.77 OUA RECORD                                            

Silver: Hannah Genich (UofT): 26.97                                      

Bronze: Rachel Rode (UofT): 27.41                                        


Men 50m Fly                                  

Gold: Matt Dans (UofT): 24.33                                 

Silver: Bjoern-Ole Schrader (UofT): 25.00                                            

Bronze: Mitch Ferraro (UofT): 25.01                                      


Women 200m Breast                                  

Gold: Jasmine Raines (WLU): 2:30.63                                    

Silver: Samantha Anderson (Guelph): 2:32.28                                    

Bronze: Kelsey Crocker (UofT): 2:33.58                                 


Men 200m Breast                                        

Gold: Matthew Loewen (Western): 2:15.61                                       

Silver: Graeme Aylward (UofT): 2:17.38                                

Bronze: Kenney Tam (WLU): 2:18.39                                     


Women 100m Back                                     

Gold: Kylie Masse (UofT): 56.72                               

Silver: Aleksa Gold (UofT): 1:00.58                                         

Bronze: Charis Huddle (Western): 1:01.01                                          


Men 100m Back                                            

Gold: Matthew Mac (UofT): 55.26                                         

Silver: Samuel Kuntz (Guelph): 56.08                                    

Bronze: Matthew Klahsen (Western): 56.17                                       


Women 200m Fly                                         

Gold: Hannah Genich (UofT): 2:10.25 OUA RECORD                                       

Silver: Georgia Kidd (UofT): 2:13.34                                       

Bronze: Kate Rendall (UofT): 2;17.06                                     


Men 200m Fly                                

Gold: Osvald Nitski (UofT): 2:00.06                                        

Silver: Josh Gold (UofT): 2:02.40                              

Bronze: Sebastian Paulins (Western): 2:02.74                                    


Women 50m Free                                        

Gold: Kylie Masse (UofT): 25.06                               

Silver: Charis Huddle (Western): 25.19                                 

Bronze: Rachel Rode (UofT): 25.73                                        


Men 50m Free                               

Gold: Matthew Schouten (Laurentian): 22.59                                    

Silver: Matt Dans (UofT): 23.04                                

Bronze: Mitch Ferraro (UofT): 23.12                                      


Women 800m Free Relay                                         

Gold: Toronto: 8:18.14                 

(Kate Rendall, Victoria Radounski, Sophia Saroukian, Georgia Kidd)                                         

Silver: Western: 8:26.82               

(Rachel Sawchuk, Stephanie Cairns, Keira Brazeu, Katelyn Cairns)                                            

Bronze: McMaster: 8:33.94                        

(Emma Schlyter, Nicole Christakis, Isabelle Lei, Emily Ma)                                            


Men 800m Free Relay                                 

Gold: Toronto: 7:32.52                 

(Everett Smith, Osvald Nitski, Gael Chaubet, Connor Walker)                                     

Silver: McMaster: 7:37.35                          

(Mitch Muizelaar, Mohamad Jrab, Panos Papangelakis, Kevork Baghdassarian)                                   

Bronze: Laurentian: 7:37.86                       

(Christoppher Eastick, Mitchell Cox, Gabriel Fenn, Matthew Schouten)