2018 Award Winners 

Most Valuable Player Rookie of the Year  Goalie of the Year
Emily Ziraldo, Toronto Rebecca Carvalho, Toronto Amanda Thoo, Queen's
(Past Most Valuable Players) (Past Rookies of the Year) (Past Goalies of the Year)
Gail Wilson Outstanding Contributor Umpire of the Year Coach of the Year
Katherine MacMillan, Guelph Denise Pelletier Cassius Medonca, Toronto
(Past Gail Wilson Outstanding Contributors) (Past Umpires of the Year) (Past Coaches of the Year)


2018 All-Stars

Jaslan Stirling, York
Emily Ziraldo, Toronto
Katherine MacMillan, Guelph
Rebecca Plouffe, Guelph
Sara Vollmerhausen, York
Rachel Spouge, Toronto
Larissa McLeod, Waterloo
Emma Wingrave, Western
Brigid Stirling, Western
Amber Sandhu, York
Amanda Thoo, Queen's

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