Brock wrestlers capture double gold on home turf at championship

Photo by Brock Badgers
Photo by Brock Badgers

ST. CATHARINES, Ont. - The Brock University men's and women's wrestling program put forth the most dominant performance in OUA wrestling history Sunday in from of a hometown crowd as they captured gold in 16 of the 19 weight classes.

Taking home gold on the women's side for Brock were Samantha Romano (48kg), Kristina McLaren (51kg), Emily Schaefer (55kg), Hannah Taylor (59kg), Jessica Brouillette (63kg), Indira Moores (67kg) and Skylar Grote (72kg). The Other women's gold medalist was Guelph's Gracelynn Doogan (82kg).

The Brock men finished with nine gold out of eleven weight classes. Brock gold medals were earned by Sam Jagas (57kg), Lingrit Sadiku (61kg), Mizam Tamaradze (65kg), Matt Jagas (68kg), Cruiz Manning (72kg), Tyler Rowe (76kg), Ty Bridgewater (82kg), Clayton Pye (90kg) and Richard Deschatelets (120kg).  Other gold medalist included McMaster's Vidran Thanarajah (54kg) and Guelph's Job Reinhart (100kg).

The 2018 OUA Outstanding Wrestler Award winners were presented to Guelph's Job Reinhart and Brock's Hannah Taylor.

OUA Rookie of the Year went to Brock's Samantha Romano and McMaster's Vidran Thanarajah.

McMaster's Cleo Ncube was named OUA Coach of the Year on the men's side and Brock's Marty Calder received the women's OUA Coach of the Year honours for his 10th time in his career.

York University swept the OUA Community Service Awards with the men's award going to Kevin Voung and women's to Christine Chan.


Women’s Team Points

Brock University – 78

Lakehead University- 42

University of Guelph – 33

University of Western Ontario - 26

McMaster University - 20

York University -19

Algoma University – 17

Queen’s University – 13

Ryerson University – 2

Men’s Team Points

Brock University – 104

McMaster University -63

University of Guelph- 55

York University-40

Lakehead University – 39

University of Western Ontario -– 39

Algoma University -27

Queen’s University -15

University of Toronto - 1

Men - 54

1st Place - Vidran Thanarajah, McMaster

2nd Place - Brody Collison, Algoma

3rd Place - Kingston Wong, Brock

4th Place - Kevin Voung, York

5th Place - Sam Lockie, Lakehead

Men - 57

1st Place - Sam Jagas, Brock

2nd Place - Marco Palermo, Lakehead

3rd Place - Oren Fumanov, Guelph

4th Place - Shevonne Witter-Watts, York

5th Place - Chris Nikolaou, Western

6th Place - Devon Delaharpe, McMaster

Men - 61

1st Place - Lingrit Sadiku, Brock

2nd Place - Elvir Uzunovic, Guelph

3rd Place - Kevin Leatherdale, Lakehead

4th Place - Kais Al-Khaldi, McMaster

5th Place - Joshua Malu, York

6th Place - Noodin Shawanda, Algoma

7th Place - Greg Clark, Western

8th Place - William Wang, Toronto

Men - 65

1st Place - Mizam Tamaradze, Brock

2nd Place - Connor Quinton, McMaster

3rd Place - Peter Shannon, Queens

4th Place - Steven Powell-Chambers, Lakehead

5th Place - Jonathan Molloy, York

6th Place - Lauchlin MacDonald, Western

Men - 68

1st Place - Matt Jagas, Brock

2nd Place - Bryce Davis, Algoma

3rd Place - Gurpreet Ghuman, McMaster

4th Place - Brad Bergin, Queens

5th Place - Nashane Ralph, York

6th Place - Jaber Husiny, Guelph

Men - 72

1st Place - Cruiz Manning, Brock

2nd Place - Alexander Chaves, Guelph

3rd Place - Caleb Rutner, Western

4th Place - Jesse Leach, Lakehead

5th Place - Jasman Gill, York

Men - 76

1st Place - Tyler Rowe. Brock

2nd Place - Ben Zahra, McMaster

3rd Place - Brayden Ambo, Western

4th Place - Mustafa Shah, York

Men - 82

1st Place - Ty Bridgewater, Brock

2nd Place - Daniel Humphrey, Guelph

3rd Place - Peter Shirley, McMaster

4th Place - Jackson Browning, Western

5th Place - Michael Tremblay, Queens

6th Place - Jordan Campioni, Algoma

Men - 90

1st Place - Clayton Pye, Brock

2nd Place - Jacob Luczak, Lakehead

3rd Place - Simon Chaves, Guelph

4th Place - Arjun Sahota, Western

5th Place - Ihsan Atilan, York

6th Place - Will Layman, McMaster

Men - 100

1st Place - Job Reinhart, Guelph

2nd Place - Ignatius Pitt, Brock

3rd Place - Scott MacLellan, McMaster

4th Place - Stephen Kreyenbuhl, Algoma

5th Place - Kevin Marshall, Western

6th Place - Ryan Barney, Lakehead

Men - 120

1st Place - Richard DesChâtelets, Brock

2nd Place - Ameen Aghamirian, McMaster

3rd Place - Gabriel Laplante, Guelph

4th Place - Peter Nandi Tsarev, York

5th Place - Anthony Parker, Western

Women - 48

1st Place - Samantha Romano, Brock

2nd Place - Christine Grafe, Western

3rd Place - Cassandra Rufenach, McMaster

4th Place - Ally Zhang, Queens

Women - 51

1st Place - Kristina McLaren, Brock

2nd Place - Jessica Bershatsky, Lakehead

3rd Place - Riley Tubaro, Algoma

4th Place - Racheal Cowey, Guelph

5th Place - Megan Abel, Queens

6th Place - Kassandra Young, McMaster

7th Place - Christine Chan, York

Women - 55

1st Place - Emily Schaefer, Brock

2nd Place - Chelsey Sicard, Guelph

3rd Place - Jenna Leslie, McMaster

4th Place - Sydney Woodhouse, Lakehead

Women - 59

1st Place - Hannah Taylor, Brock

2nd Place - Alexandria Town, York

3rd Place - Hannah Little, Guelph

4th Place - Madison Clayton, Lakehead

5th Place - Karly Kudrinko, Queens

6th Place - Skyler Perron, Algoma

7th Place - Raquel Vengroff, Ryerson

8th Place - Racheal Gibson, Western

Women - 63

1st Place - Jessica Brouillette, Brock

2nd Place - Natasha Doroodian, Algoma

3rd Place - Michalia Walls, Western

4th Place - Joelle VanderSlagt, McMaster

5th Place - Natalie Rygielski, Guelph

6th Place - Tayna Romeiro, York

7th Place - McKenzie Hall, Lakehead

Women - 67

1st Place - Indira Moores, Brock

2nd Place - Casey Turner, Lakehead

3rd Place - Olivia Cirillo, Western

Women - 72

1st Place - Skylar Grote, Brock

2nd Place - Ashley Gravelle, Lakehead

3rd Place - Christelle Lans, York

4th Place - Jessica Ly, Western

Women - 82

1st Place - Gracelynn Doogan, Guelph

2nd Place - Darrion Sterling, Brock

3rd Place - Dana Campbell, Lakehead