Host Badgers lead the way after Day One of CIS wrestling championships

Host Badgers lead the way after Day One of CIS wrestling championships

ST. CATHARINES, ON - The Brock University men's and women's wrestling team dominated Day One at the 2016 CIS Wrestling Championships.

The Badgers posted a remarkable 39-3 overall record sending 15 of 18 wrestlers to the gold medal matches Saturday.

10 wrestlers will defend their CIS individual titles from a year ago. Brock's Carlene Sluberski, Indira Moores and Jessica Brouillette, along with Alison Carrow (Guelph), Holly Ellsworth-Clark (Calgary), Josh Bodnarchuk (Saskatchewan), Michael Asselstine (Alberta), Ahmed Shamiya (McMaster), Grayson St. Laurent (UNB) and Finn Higgins (Winnipeg).

The Golden Bears Asselstine won in the final seconds of two of his matches on Friday. Saturday, he will look to become the first male wrestler to be selected as the CIS Most Outstanding wrestler three consecutive seasons.

The Brock women will also look to become the first women's team to capture five consecutive CIS national titles. Brock (2011-15) and Simon Fraser (2002-06) both raised the banner four consecutive years.

Brock captain, Olivia Di Bacco also closes in on history, as she looks to become the first women's wrestler to lead her team to five straight CIS national championships.

Day Two begins at 11am with the bronze medal matches through to 8th place. The gold medal matches will start at 2:30 pm followed by the medal presentations.

All the matches on Saturday can be watched live on

Women Gold Medal Matches
48 kg - Allysa Cleaves (UNB) vs Farrantina Gatta (Brock)
51 kg - Jade Papke (Guelph) vs Tina McLaren (Brock)
55 kg - Clara Nania (Calgary) vs Carlene Sluberski (Brock)
59 kg - Emma Horner (Lakehead) vs Emily Schaefer (Brock)
63 kg - Linda Morais (Concordia) vs Indira Moores (Brock)
67 kg - Alison Carrow (Guelph) vs Jessica Brouilettee (Brock)
72 kg - Gracelynn Doogan (Guelph) vs Olivia Di Bacco (Brock)
82 kg - Holly Ellsworth-Clark (Calgary) vs Kiera Proir (Saskatchewan)

Women's Bronze Medal Matches
48 kg - Annie Monteith (Saskatchewan) vs Monica Wood (McMaster)
51 kg - Katie Dutchak (Saskatchewan) vs Farah Taj (Alberta)
55 kg - Julie Steffler (Western) vs Alexandria Town (York)
59 kg - Tianna Kennett (Calgary ) vs Krystin Paquette (Alberta)
63 kg - Temitope Ogunjimi (Calgary) vs Brooke Jarrett (Toronto)
67 kg - Kayla Brodner (Regina) vs Kelsey Dayler (Lakehead)
72 kg - Kristine Longeau (Regina) vs Georgina Nelthorpe (Saskatchewan)
82 kg - Carmella Fleurant (Brock) vs Gillian Pegg (Queens)

Men's Gold Medal Matches
54 kg - Oren Furmanov (Guelph) vs Sam Jagas (Brock)
57 kg - Josh Bodnarchuk (Saskatchewan) vs Brian Cowan (Brock)
61 kg - Jason Buckle (McMaster) vs Mizam Tamaradze (Brock)
65 kg - Vince Demaris (Concordia) vs Zack Falcioni (Brock)
68 kg - Michael Asselstine (Alberta) vs Matt Jagas (Brock)
72 kg - Ahmed Shamiya (McMaster) vs Tyler Rowe (Brock)
76 kg - Aleksandr Soronov (Winnipeg) vs Connor Hodgins (Calgary)
82 kg - Andrew Johnson (Saskatchewan) vs Jevon Balfour (Brock)
90 kg - Jordie Steen (Concordia) vs Grayson St. Laurent (UNB)
100 kg - Finn Higgins (Winnipeg) vs Ignatius Pitt (Brock)
120 kg - Daniel Oloumi (Alberta) vs Tyson Frost (Guelph)

Men's Bronze Medal Matches
54 kg - Richard Cux (Saskatchewan) vs Trevor Banks (Concordia)
57 kg - Ligrit Sadiku (Western) vs Melvin Arciaga (Alberta)
61 kg - Dylan Williams (Alberta) vs Nathan Galan (Saskatchewan)
65 kg - Callum Mcneice (Calgary) vs Omar Ahmed (McMaster)
68 kg - Spenser Burk (Calgary) vs Chris Garneau (McMaster)
72 kg - Gaelen Molloy (Regina) vs Dima Gershanov (Concordia)
76 kg - Bradley MaGarrey (McMaster) vs Chance Mutuku (Brock)
82 kg - Johan Phulka (Mcmaster) vs Petr Prokopiev (Concordia)
90 kg - Nick Proctor (Calgary) vs Clayton Pye (Brock)
100 kg - Geordie Watkins (Guelph) vs Dennis Sutton (Memorial)
120 kg - Kyle Bonk-Dann (Western) vs Kyle Nguyen (Winnipeg)

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