CIS wrestling championships: Brock sweeps team banners, claims 7 individual titles

CIS wrestling championships: Brock sweeps team banners, claims 7 individual titles
FREDERICTON (CIS) – The Brock University Badgers completed their domination of the two-day CIS wrestling championships on Saturday at UNB’s Richard J. Currie Center, returning home with both team banners as well as 12 individual medals, seven of them gold.
It marked the third consecutive national team title for the Brock women, and their fourth overall, while the men returned to the top of the standings for the first time since their magical 10-run championship run from 1999 to 2008. The Badgers now have a record 14 CIS titles in men’s competition.
Brock had also swept the team banners back in 2001-02. The only other school to accomplish the feat since women’s wrestling was added to the CIS program 16 years ago was Simon Fraser, in 2009-10.
Individually, Brock was shut out of the athlete-of-the-year selections, but claimed both top-rookie and both coach-of-the-year trophies.
Brianne Barry of the Western Mustangs was named female MVP. The fifth-year senior from London, Ont., finally claimed her first CIS gold medal, defeating Concordia’s Liz Sera in the 55-kilogram final, after settling for silver in 2010, 2012 and 2013.
Male-MVP honours went to Michael Asselstine of the Alberta Golden Bears, who had a thrilling last-second comeback in his opening match on Friday against former CIS MVP Vince Cormier of UNB. The Edmonton native went on to defeat Concordia’s Vincent De Marinis in the 61 kg title bout, one year after taking silver at 65 kg.  
Jessica Brouillette (59 kg) and Sam Jagas (54 kg) of the Badgers were named top freshmen after they both triumphed in their CIS championship debut, while their coach Marty Calder was named women’s and men’s coach of the year.
Both Brock squads entered Saturday with a comfortable 11-point cushion in the team standings and cruised to victory.
On the women’s side, the Badgers ended up with 50 points and were accompanied on the podium by the Calgary Dinos (36) and Western (35). The Alberta Pandas also tallied 35 points but were edged by the Mustangs for third place based on number of higher individual finishes.  
In the men’s tournament, where there is two more weight divisions, Brock racked up 66 points to distance 2013 champ Alberta (50) and the Guelph Gryphons (48).
Five Brock women competed in individual finals and three of them delivered gold medals, including Brouillette, Jade Parsons and Carlene Sluberski, also former CIS rookies of the year. Parsons three-peated as 48 kg champion, while Sluberski was crowned at 51 kg after winning 55 kg gold in 2013. 
Teammates Marissa Sorrell (67 kg) and Olivia DiBacco (72 kg) returned home with silver.
Other women’s champions crowned on Saturday included Concordia’s Linda Morais, who defended her 63 kg title, Concordia teammate Veronica Keefe (72 kg), Alberta’s Marlen Figueroa (67 kg) and Guelph’s Kelsey Gsell (82 kg).
On the men’s side, Brian Cowan (57 kg), Jevon Balfour (68 kg) and Matrixx Ferreira (82 kg) joined Jagas as Brock gold medallists. Tyler Rowe (72 kg) and Andrii Vorontsov (90 kg) added silver for the team champs, while Zack Falcioni (61 kg) earned bronze.
It was Balfour’s second straight CIS title at 68 kg, while Matrixx had triumphed at 76 kg a year ago.
The other gold medals went to Guelph teammates Kevin Iwasa-Madge (65 kg) and Jeremy Latour (130 kg), Western’s Josh Proctor (72 kg) and Riley Otto (90 kg), as well as UNB’s Shawn Daye-Finley.
Daye-Finley, the 2011 champ at 68 kg, gave the hometown crowd something to cheer about, beating Calgary’s Connor Hodgins in the 76 kg final to finish out his university career. The national team hopeful became UNB’s first-ever four-time medallist at the CIS meet, having also won a pair of bronze in 2013 (72 kg) and 2009 (65 kg).
NOTES: In addition to her gold medal at 63 kg, Concordia’s Linda Morais took home the R.W. Pugh Fair Play Award... Alberta’s Dylan Williams, who claimed silver at 57 kg, merited the men’s Pugh Award... The Student-Athlete Community Service Awards went to York’s Urshian Khalid (women) and Winnipeg’s Kyle Nguyen (men).
NOTE: Tie-breaker is most gold, then most bronze, etc.

1. Brock, 50 points
2. Calgary, 36
3. Western, 35
4. Alberta, 35
5. Concordia, 28
6. Guelph, 19
7. Lakehead, 19
8. Regina, 19
9. Saskatchewan, 15
10. McMaster, 12
11. UNB, 11
12. Toronto, 6
13. Winnipeg, 6
14. Memorial, 6
15. Algoma, 5

1. Brock, 66 points
2. Alberta, 50
3. Guelph, 48
4. UNB            , 36
5. Western, 35
6. Concordia, 30
7. Calgary, 23
8. Regina, 21
9. Saskatchewan, 20
10. McMaster, 19
11. Winnipeg, 18
12. Lakehead, 9
T13. Queen’s, 4
T13. Laurentian, 4
15. Memorial, 3
16. York, 2


Outstanding wrestler: Brianne Barry (55kg), Western
Rookie of the year: Jessica Brouillette (59kg), Brock
Coach of the year: Marty Calder, Brock
R.W. Pugh Fair Play Award: Linda Morais (63kg), Concordia
Student-Athlete Community Service Award: Urshian Khalid, York

Outstanding wrestler: Michael Asselstine (61kg), Alberta
Rookie of the year: Sam Jagas (54 kg), Brock
Coach of the year: Marty Calder, Brock
R.W. Pugh Fair Play Award: Dylan Williams (57kg), Alberta
Student-Athlete Community Service Award: Kyle Nguyen, Winnipeg

Complete results:

48 kg
1. Jade Parsons, Brock
2. Madison Parks, Western
3. Josée Tremblay, Calgary
4. Annie Monteith, Saskatchewan
5. Genie Gokhman, Alberta
6. Monica Wood, McMaster
7. Amanda Eng, UNB
51 kg
1. Carlene Sluberski, Brock
2. Kate Richey, Calgary
3. Alyssa Cleaves, UNB
4. Rachel Alder, Winnipeg
5. Cierra Carere, Guelph
6. Valerie Ouellette, Western
7. Katie Dutchak, Saskatchewan
55 kg
1. Brianne Barry, Western
2. Liz Sera, Concordia
3. Cara Nania, Calgary
4. Erica D’Angelo, McMaster
5. Amber Maschke, Alberta
6. Brittany Dillman, UNB
7. Karleah Bonk, Lakehead
8. Emily Kessler, Winnipeg
59 kg
1. Jessica Brouillette, Brock
2. Emma Horner, Lakehead
3. Cholena Horne, Alberta
4. Danielle Anderson, Regina
5. Anna McKee, Western
6. Temi Ogunjimi, Calgary
63 kg
1. Linda Morais, Concordia
2. Larissa D’Alleva, Western
3. Jessy Seida, Calgary
4. Tasha Doroodian, Algoma
5. Brittney Gearing, Brock
6. Theresa Urbanczyk, Alberta
7. Drew Kuhn, Saskatchewan
67 kg
1. Marlen Figueroa, Alberta
2. Marissa Sorrell, Brock
3. Kelsey Dayler, Lakehead
4. Sarah Stringer, Guelph
5. Kayla Brodner, Regina
6. Ocean Burns, Calgary
7. Breanne Coady, Memorial
72 kg
1. Veronica Keefe, Concordia
2. Olivia DiBacco, Brock
3. Taylor Follensbee, Saskatchewan
4. Kristine Longeau, Regina
5. Hilary Goble, Calgary
6. Kira White, Lakehead
7. Christine Schmidt, Western
8. Carla Chaytor, Memorial
82 kg
1. Kelsey Gsell, Guelph
2. Madison Beblow, Alberta
3. Grace Bannerman, Toronto
4. Emily Foerster, Regina
5. Alysha Anderson, McMaster
6. Myfwany Price, Memorial


54 kg
1. Sam Jagas, Brock
2. Melvin Arciaga, Alberta
3. Oren Furmanov, Guelph
4. Chris Waltner, Lakehead
5. Trevor Banks, Concordia
6. Mario Tran, UNB
7. Shane Johnson, Saskatchewan
8. Connor McLachlan, Regina
57 kg
1. Brian Cowan, Brock
2. Dylan Williams, Alberta
3. Dylan Bray, Saskatchewan
4. Mokhtar Hakimi, Winnipeg
5. Dylan Galloway, Laurentian
6. David Gillis, UNB
7. Andrew Sinclair, McMaster
61 kg
1. Michael Asselstine, Alberta
2. Vincent De Marinis, Concordia
3. Zack Falcioni, Brock
4. Theo Dow, Saskatchewan
5. Reza Mosalla, Regina
6. Navrit Wirach, Guelph
7. Vincent Cormier, UNB
8. Jason Buckle, McMaster
65 kg
1. Kevin Iwasa-Madge, Guelph
2. Drew Belanger, Alberta
3. Stephen Delayen, Concordia
4. Chris Garneau, McMaster
5. JF Godin, Queens
6. Erik Joy, UNB
7. Spenser Burk, Calgary
8. Mitchell Berenz, Winnipeg
68 kg
1. Jevon Balfour, Brock
2. Ahmed Shamiya, McMaster
3. Adel Taj, Alberta
4. Caleb Rutner, Western
5. Lucas Hoffert, Regina
6. Brock Munro, Winnipeg
7. Steve Adams, Memorial
8. Jordan Townsend, UNB
72 kg
1. Josh Proctor, Western
2. Tyler Rowe, Brock
3. Brian Hutton, Calgary
4. Ben Bradford, Guelph
5. Malcolm Meekins, Saskatchewan
6. Matt Fedler, Regina
7. Sean Isnor, UNB
8. Ian Janes, Memorial
76 kg
1. Shawn Daye-Finley, UNB
2. Connor Hodgins, Calgary
3. Jake Jagas, Guelph
4. Alec Bauer, Western
5. Gabriel Turetsky, Brock
6. Andrew Johnson, Saskatchewan
7. Chris Kinsella, Concordia
8. Tahir Hamraev, Winnipeg
82 kg
1. Matrixx Ferreira, Brock
2. Tyson Frost, Guelph
3. Jason Margo, Alberta
4. Grayson St. Laurent, UNB
5. Kenneth Kaczkowski, Concordia
6. Kevin Barret, McMaster
7. Rylan Petterson, Regina
8. Steven Sheppard, Calgary
90 kg
1. Riley Otto, Western
2. Andrii Vorontsov, Brock
3. Jordan Steen, Concordia
4. Alex Thoms, UNB
5. Daniel Oloumi, Alberta
6. Nick Proctor, Calgary
7. Omar Thomas, York
8. Sean Belisle, Regina
130 kg
1. Jeremy Latour, Guelph
2. Kyle Nguyen, Winnipeg
3. Isaac Lubiak, Regina
4. Kevin Ens, Western
5. Preston Mikulasik, Lakehead
6. Baldwin Asala, Calgary
7. CJ Thoms, UNB