University of Toronto

100 Devonshire Pl., Toronto, ON
M5S 2C9
(416) 978-3443
(416) 971-2118
Meric Gertler
Beth Ali
Navy Blue & White
Varsity Blues

Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Meric Gertler President (416) 978-2121
Dr. Ira Jacobs Dean, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education
Beth Ali Executive Director of Athletics & Physical Activity 416-978-7379
TBD Director of Facilities 416-978-6531
Melissa Krist Manager, Intercollegiate Sport 416-946-3712
Mary Beth Challoner Manager, Events & Marketing 416-946-5131
Steve Manchur Assistant Manager, Student-Athlete Services 416-946-0807
Christine Kos Coordinator, Intercollegiate Admin. 416-978-3443
Sherry Ing Co-Curricular Business Officer 416-978-4115
Jill Clark Coordinator, Sports Information 416-978-4263
Ivan Canete Coordinator, Promotions and Events 416-946-0572
Kevin Sousa Assistant Manager, Intercollegiate Blue & White and Club Sports 416-978-5431
Katherine Davies Assistant Manager - Merchandise, Apparel, Ticketing 416-946-3811
Adrian Lightowler Head Coach, Strength and Conditioning 416-946-3804

Name Sport Phone Email
Jackie Yeung Badminton 416-978-3443
Mike Didier Baseball 416-978-3443
John Campbell Basketball (M) (416) 978-4316
Michèle Bélanger Basketball (W) 416-978-7359
TBA Cross Country (M & W) 416-978-3443
John Rudd Curling 416-978-3443
Thomas Nguyen Fencing 416-978-3443
Cassiuus Mendonca Field Hockey (W)
TBD Figure Skating
Greg Marshall Football 416-978-2744
Chris Tortorice Golf (M&W) 416-978-3443
Ryan Medel Hockey (M) 416-978-3083
Vicky Sunohara Hockey (W) 416-978-2224
Jim Calder Lacrosse (W) 416-978-3443
Mark Williams (M&W) Rowing (M & W) 416-978-3443
Morgan Spencer-Interim Rugby (M) 416-978-3443
Campbell MacNeill Rugby (W)
Anthony Capotosto Soccer (M) 416-978-3443
Luciano Lombardi Soccer (W) 416-978-3443
John Lennard Squash (M) 416-978-3443
Josh Ginou Squash (W) 416-978-3443
Byron MacDonald Swimming (M & W) 416-978-7008
Nabil Tadros Tennis (M & W) 416-717-1040
Carl Georgevski Track and Field (M & W) 416-978-2991
John Barrett Volleyball (M) 416-946-0820
Kristine Drakich Volleyball (W) 416-978-4677
Vlad Tasevski Waterpolo (M) 416-978-3443
George Gross Water Polo (W) 416-978-3443
Curtis Wilson Wrestling
Adrian Lightowler 416-946-3804

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