Ontario University Athletics

3305 Harvester Rd, Unit 2, Burlington, ON L7N 3N2
(905) 635-5510
Gord Grace

Name Title Phone Email
Gord Grace Chief Executive Officer 905-635-7470 gord.grace@oua.ca
Matthew Davies Director of Sport 905-635-5510 x 203 matthew.davies@oua.ca
Brent Garbutt Manager of Sport 905-635-5510 x 206 brent.garbutt@oua.ca
Jackie Chan Sport Coordinator 905-635-5510 x 204 jackie.chan@oua.ca
Angela Orton Sport - Special Projects Manager 905-635-5510 x 205 angela.orton@oua.ca
David Frizzell Director of Marketing & Partnerships 905-635-5510 x 209 david.frizzell@oua.ca
Chris Verlaan Manager, Digital & Communications 905-635-5510 x 207 chris.verlaan@oua.ca
Naz Nazari Manager, Finance & Administration 905-635-5510 x 202 naz.nazari@oua.ca
Laura McNairn Finance & Administration Coordinator 905-635-5510 laura.mcnairn@oua.ca

Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Mike DeGagné Chair
Dr. Deborah MacLatchy Vice Chair
Ann Tierney Director & Treasurer
Sean Van Koughnett Director
Mike Havey Director & Secretary
Jennifer Myers Director
Peter Hellstrom Director

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