2014-2020 OUA Strategic Plan

2014-2020 OUA Strategic Plan
















Dear members of the OUA Team:

It gives us great pleasure to present the 2014–2020 Strategic Plan for Ontario University Athletics. We are excited about this plan which presents a game plan for success for the next five years.

The Strategic Plan for Ontario University Athletics is the result of nearly a year of assessment, discussion, analysis and feedback. It provides the direction to guide us as we develop student-athletes through academics and athletics to achieve excellence in life. OUA, through our member institutions and as a league, has the responsibility to contribute to the holistic development of student-athletes through academic and athletic pursuit that last a lifetime, and provide opportunity to inspire and lead through action and example.

This plan is the culmination of effort and teamwork from people who see a dynamic future for Ontario University Athletics. We would like to thank the many people involved in this process: our Steering Committee; Board members; Management Committee; Strategic Planning Working Group; member institution representatives including student-athletes; Council of Ontario Universities OUA advisors; business partners; sport partners; and staff who gave their time to this process in addition to their regular responsibilities.

We appreciate and look forward to your continued support as we work together to implement this strategic plan and develop Ontario University Athletics to reach its full potential as The Preeminent University Sport Conference in Canada. This will be possible through a shared focus and collective contribution to the success of OUA, and ultimately, our student-athletes and member institutions.

We look forward to our next five years and our path ahead!

Jennifer Myers
Ontario University Athletics